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From EGM via Kotaku comes this promo video for Silent Hill 5. There’s little actual footage in there, and what we see is pretty much what you’d expect from a next-gen iteration of the series – all the usual faceless nurses and chasms in the road, but executed in a higher resolution with a more realtime transition between ‘worlds’. From the interviews its clear that the team behind SH5 have the best of intentions, certainly in terms of going back to SH2 as inspiration. I’m less certain about ‘combo attacks’, which seem antithetical to the slow-burning tension the title needs. Still, I have more instinctive faith in this franchise than I do in, say, the latest attempt to resurrect Alone in the Dark. Hopefully Konami will not squander that trust.

Although fuzzy, this footage from Silent Hill Origins, the PSP prequel, shows the right attitude: slow burn, slow burn, then urrrrghhh. As with what we’ve seen from SH5, the iconography is almost entirely derivative, but at least SHO‘s prequel status gives it an excuse to revisit familiar territory. I’m still not sure whether this is worth the PSP purchase – apart from anything, successful PSP games seem to often have PS2 conversions – but it looks like a decent, bordering on conservative, extension to the series.



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