A Little Xmas #14

Well, I’m back.

[pause for resounding apathy]

Thanks. Anyway, after a week or so off in the North of England, blessedly away from a broadband connection, I’m back to look through comics for tomorrow.

It’s a relatively strong DC week: Grant Morrison/JH Williams III on Batman, the always fun Blue Beetle, Diggle and Jock’s entertaining Green Arrow: Year One and the latest issue of Darwyn Cooke’s The Spirit. The latter is on #9, and Cooke is off as of #12 – it’s hard to see who DC will find to replace him. Without a writer/artist of extraordinary talent, the Spirit is just another masked man – this is not a title DC can afford to stick some of their generic talent on.

Marvel have quite a good week as well: Immortal Iron Fist picks up the tournament story after the Chinese interlude last issue, while IIF co-writer Matt Fraction also writes the second issue of The Order, the first issue of which managed to take a potentially shaky concept and deliver. There’s also X-Men #202 and Astonishing X-Men #22 – the latter is due to be taken over by writer Warren Ellis after Joss Whedon and John Cassaday finish their much-delayed run, so that’s another one to be crossed off the pull-list. As it stands, AXM is subsisting on the reputations of the current talent, as the stories are good but not stellar enough to justify the terrific length of time taken to tell them.

Finally, over at Image Robert Kirkman and Charlie Adlard’s The Walking Dead reaches #40 with no sign of slowing down. Last issue saw a rare moment of solace and positivity in this grimmest of books, but Kirkman is promising a bloodbath soon. This remains a genuine white-knuckle read, a real page-turner. Highlight of the comics week, as ever.



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