A Little Xmas #13

This week’s comics include a few bits that were mentioned before here, but ended up pushed back. So here’s hoping for actual releases tomorrow for the third Invincible hardcover and Casanova #8, both great Image titles.

It’s a big day tomorrow. DC have Morrison/JH Williams III Batman, Green Arrow: Year One #3 and the latest 100 Bullets trade. Marvel have Annihilation Conquest: Wraith #2 (fun first issue, and I like the writer), Blade #12 (last issue, I think), Criminal #8 (Brubaker and Phillips can do no wrong as a combo), New Avengers #33 (the conversation on the plane in the last issue was Bendis‘ best writing on this book in ages, and far more fun than the supposedly ‘lighter’ Mighty Avengers), Punisher War Journal #10 (the end of the Hatemonger arc), and Ultimate X-Men #85 (not long for this world, and unsurprisingly so).

That’s a lot of comics. I may need a new bag.



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