Well, no wonder people think all gamers are dicks

Last week I posted some concerns about Resident Evil 5. I was not alone in my concerns. Fortunately, there are only about three of you reading this blog, so I’ve had no response whatsoever, either positive or negative to my little ramble.

I say fortunate, because the responses from gamers on response threads across the internet have been almost universally cretinous. Some have been just naive, many have been abusive, a few have been actively racist. GamesPolitics.com wrote a short, balanced piece which engendered a long thread, while Kotaku’s Mike Fahey was a little more aggressive in his defence of the game, which unfortunately led to a bit of a free-for-all on the comments section from embittered gamers reacting to a threat to the title.

Worst of all was the bile that poured back at one of the authors of those pieces who had expressed her honest reactions and concerns about the trailer, and received a torrent of insults and racist abuse. For a lot of gamers online, It seems like any threat to their hobby should be met with as strong a retaliatory attack as possible.

Now, I’m sure Capcom’s motivations in making this game are entirely pure, but regardless of context or plot or genre, some people are going to see clips of a white game avatar slaughtering rabid black folk and understandably freak out at what they’re seeing. To pretend these concerns aren’t there is at best hopelessly naive about the political reality we live in.

I want to play this game. I want Capcom to sort this out. so that Resident Evil 5 is acceptable for a western release. At the moment, judging by the footage we’ve seen, it isn’t. It will cause offence. The solution to the problem isn’t for gamers eager to play the latest Resi to scream and shout at anyone who raises for concerns, the solution is for Capcom to address the concerns raised and use the year of development time they have left to alter the ethnic mix of adversaries in this title so that there’s no chance of Resident Evil 5 being mistaken for Birth of a Nation: The Game.



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