A Little Xmas #11

I’m sleepy. Are you sleepy? I’m sleeply.

Anyway, tomorrow is Thursday and Thursday is COMICS day. Here’s what I’ll be buying:

Tomorrow’s biggies are Casanova #8 from Image (Go Fraction! woot!) and over at DC Batman #666 – Grant Morrison shows us the future of Gotham, with Damian Wayne fighting Satan. Oh. Yes.

DC also have some other crap out: Green Arrow: Year One #2 (The first issue was solid, so I’ll be sticking with this one for the duration, even though its very existence is dangerously anti-Grell. Writer Andy Diggle also has an issue of Hellblazer out tomorrow, another title he’s doing good work on.); Blue Beetle #17 (writer John Rogers did an early draft of the script for the new Transformers movie, and Sam and Miles in the film have a friendship not unlike Jaime and Paco in this book – barely relevant, but true); and Superman #665, which I’m not touching if it ties into Countdown.

It’s a quiet week for my Marvel purchases after a few busy weeks, with only Brubaker/Fraction martial arts epic The Immortal Iron Fist #7 and X-Men #201, the latter of which has some way to go to convince me with its latest storyline.

Finally, Dark Horse have a new issue of their phenomenally successful Buffy revival out, while another issue of Queen and Country hits the stands, only to go on a pile I’m not going to get around to reading until I’ve read the first Q&C novel. Damn pesky books-with-no-pictures.



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