A Little Xmas #10

Gods, it’s late, so once again let’s make the round-up of comics I’ll be buying tomorrow brief :

Reluctantly, all this Skrull stupidity has maintained my interest in New Avengers, so I’ll continue buying it for now. Also at Marvel, Blade #11 makes is the penultimate issue prior to cancellation, while Punisher War Journal continues the Hatemonger story (and is likely to be this week’s most entertaining read) and Ultimate X-Men tries to remind people its still going. There’s also a new Great Lakes special from writer Dan Slott, Deadpool/GLI Summer Fun Spectacular – Slott always seems to have a lot of fun with these, and that fun is infectious.

Over at DC there’s a Busiek (hopefully, unless its another bloody fill-in) Superman, the incredibly late Superman Confidential #5 (great Sale art, pity about the thin story) and the borderline proposition of Green Arrow Year One #1: As a fan of Mike Grell’s The Wonder YEar I don’t see much need for this, but Andy Diggle’s Hellblazer is winning me round, and Jock is an interesting talent.

No indies this week – it’s a thin one.



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