Cape Wrath

Marking 17 glorious years of broadcasters chucking out shoddy, ill-conceived Twin Peaks knock-offs, Channel 4 bring us Cape Wrath. So bad, our cable box died twenty minutes in rather than tolerate any more.

You know how Lost was originally planned by ABC as a drama cash-in of Survivor? Well, Cape Wrath seems like a drama version of Big Brother, a bunch of mismatched malcontents chucked into a situation so boring that they’ll all go mad, shag, or both. There’s an emo-teen, a mumbling sex-offender handyman, a brassy soap cliche, Ralph Brown with a comedy moustache, and David Morrisey being vewy vewy sewious. Nothing fits, or indeed impresses. The attempts at off-key weirdness just seem eccentrically annoying, and even the title sequence is boredom on a stick.

The reason this isn’t a full review for Shiny Shelf? Well, for a full review I’d feel obliged to watch the whole thing, not just the first twenty minutes. And frankly I can’t be arsed. On the basis of the first act, it’s lost me for good.



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