Things I have done this week, instead of blogging:

  • Seen the New Pornographers live at 93 Feet East. Great band, who make a tremendous noise. They were due to do Glastonbury on Friday, and hopefully that will give them more exposure in the UK. Excellent venue as well, you’ve got to like a gig venue with a beer garden.
  • Bought a Wii, then didn’t take it out of the box. Having missed out on previous restocks, I thought it wise to grab one when I could this time, especially with Resident Evil 4 (Wii Edition) on pre-order and due in the next week. I know, saaaad.
  • Watched, bemused, as my article about the Resistance/Manchester Cathedral furore, Reality Bites, sat on top of the GI.biz top five most-read stories for much of this week. Further evidence that the industry needs to be smarter when dealing with difficult real world topics came with the BBFC giving Rock Star a bloody nose over Manhunt 2, banning the title. This was the first blow in a week which saw the title put on hold due to being pretty much unreleasable worldwide. Ouch. For sensible commentary on this issue, read this piece by Rob Fahey. As for the political blah around the issue, one needs to bear in mind the previous record of some of the participants in this debate.
  • Enjoyed the last issue of The Lightning Saga in Justice League of America. That makes one of me – everyone else seemed to hate it.

Things I haven’t done

  • Reviewed last week’s Who.
  • Written the GI.biz areticle I’m delivering at the end of the month.

Hmmm, better get on with it.



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