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A new article by me is up at, this time on the Blu-ray vs HD DVD kerfuffle and what it means for the current console wars.

I’m currently working on a couple more pieces for the site, which is keeping me away from Shiny Shelf (although thankfully young Robson has stepped into the breach to review a new comedy) and this blog quite a bit. With a busy day job and a friend’s wedding this weekend, I’m finding surprisingly little time to faff about.

However, I have found time to maintain my fevered state of Resident Evil/Wii related anticipation. Tim Rogers’ Action Button review of Resident Wiivil 4 (albeit the Japanese no-gore version) is an entertaining read and makes some good points about all versions of the title. His criticisms didn’t really put me off, as I didn’t gel with Gears of War at all so don’t find comparisons particularly compelling, and so the review as a whole has really only ramped up my anticipation.

Hmmm, I may have miscalculated by not snapping up a Wii in the few days recently when London was well-stocked with them. Well, here’s hoping for a rapid restock.



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