The Honorary Bedouin and other stories

Busy week followed by weekend away, but no solicitations this week (although if you didn’t buy Buffy you’re a fool and should kick yourself hard in the face for your idiocy), here’s a few shorts before I rush off:

  • Zombies, which features my (and Barry Renshaw’s) story Nomads,is available around the North of England from the Travelling Man chain of comic shops and other fine outlets, including the one in Harrogate the name of which currently escapes me. There can’t be that many comic shops in Harrogate.
  • Lawrence Arabia supported the Concretes at the Luminaire in Kilburn the other night, and kind of stole the show. Not bad for a guy who looks like a young Rod Hull.
  • Speaking of which – think of the most unspeakably vile thing that could possibly be inflicted upon the human body. Think about it until you feel nauseous at the visceral horror of it all. Then think about that foul, violating torture being committed upon the body of someone who talks during a gig, maybe someone who uses their phone in the cinema. Feel that horror turn to calm, the feeling of justice being served, of righteous misery raining down on those who deserve it the most. If only such cosmic balance could be served in real life. I’d settle for a little less – perhaps at the first yaahing, baying, idiotic comment about the band’s influences or what they’re doing at the weekend or the club they’re going to later, these fucking imbeciles could be dragged out of the venue/cinema/theatre and hit in the eye with a hammer? Is that too much for us, the paying, attentive members of the audience, to ask for? I think not.

OK, that’s quite enough for now.

Have a good weekend,



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