Returning inevitably to pet obsessions…

… Capcom have released an absolutely fantastic Umbrella Chronicles trailer.

Will this adequately explain the fall of Umbrella between Resis 3 and 4? Well, if you believe that, you probably believed Resident Evil Zero would fill all the plot holes in the series in a coherent manner. Shots of Wesker hanging around looking mysterious (or a twat, depending on how you take his tendency to wear shades while standing around in darkened buildings) do not actually make a coherent backstory in and of themselves.

Still, the game looks absolutely fantastic from that trailer, with destructable environments and a sensible compromise between a shooter and survival horror atmospherics. Hopefully those snow effects will actually appear in the game as well as in the trailer.

So far the trailers have all concentrated on the mansion incident, with glimpses of the streets of Raccoon City. Me being me, I’d love to see more of the latter, and am especially interested to know how far the game stretches beyond the previous titles and into that gap before part 4. Are Capcom holding back loads of goodies, or is this going to be a more limited game than early reports suggested?

We (well, I) watch and wait…



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