A Little Xmas #6: One Day Later

… and that joke is a year too late.

Quiet day tomorrow. Who knows what actual contents will be in Action Comics? The Nicieza fill ins have at least been pretty good, with the ‘Crisis of Faith’ two-parter managing to deal with some difficult issues even-handedly. Also at DC there’s JSA, which I’m only buying because I’m actually quite enjoying ‘The Lightning Saga’ JLA crossover, and the often fun Blue Beetle.

Over at Marvel there’s Daredevil and New Avengers: Illuminati. DD remains impressive under Brubaker and Lark, although the current storyline is a relative wind-down from the previous couple of years of chaos. Illuminati is good, continuity intensive fun with great art from Jim Cheung. Wasn’t the baby Professor X just gorgeous in the last issue? Awww.

Apparently there’s the new Penny Arcade volume, ‘Birds Are Weird’, out tomorrow as well, although it’s not listed here. I’ll be getting that, because even though all the strips are still online, they’re worth having nicely printed in front of you.

As well as comics I’ll also be running out to get Tomb Raider: Anniversary for PS2. Has it really been over a decade? Christ.



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