Nurse, the screeners!

We (very) occasionally get review copies of things at Shiny Shelf, and a week or two back Brandnew Films sent me a screener (i.e. review copy of the DVD) of their horror movie The Toybox. There’s a review of it up on the Shelf now. Yes, we’ll get to 42 later in the week.

Today I’ve also seen the first Infernal Affairs, as Film Four are showing the entire trilogy across three consecutive nights. I taped all three a while back, and have had a friend offer to lend me the DVDs, but such is my inability to get round to these things that the only way to force myself to watch them is to sit down when they’re actually on the telly, and I can’t pause them, wander off or otherwise get distracted. The first film is excellent – clever, slick, a brilliant premise superbly executed. Tony Leung remains one of the coolest men alive.



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