ZOMBIES in Bristol

Yesterday was my first Bristol Comics Expo. I was only there for the Saturday afternoon, and only attended one actual panel, but it was a memorable experience nonetheless, mainly because I got to at last see one of my own comic strips in print, in Accent UK’s Zombies anthology. And, frankly, that’s a brilliant experience. Sitting on the train home at the end of the day, seeing my own work in print, wonderfully illustrated by Barry Renshaw – let’s put it this way, it took me back to the excitement of walking into bookshops and seeing my own books on sale in the late 90s, or managing to get little reviews into Who fanzines in my late teens. A fantastic feeling.

The satisfaction was compounded by the professionalism of the whole package. I’d been reading their 2004 anthology Pirates on the tube earlier in the day, and that was a great little collection, well presented and with high quality content. Zombies takes things to a whole new level – a low-priced (only six British pounds!) black and white trade paperback with a cover (see left) by the legendary Steve Bissette, with a high quality of artwork throughout on glossy paper. I haven’t read all the stories yet – it’s a big book – but on presentation alone it’s certainly up there with Boom! Studios’ Zombie Tales, and represents really good value for money. So please, please get yourself a copy – just go the Accent UK site, and click on ‘Buy Comics’ for more details. Support some brilliant talents (and me) today!

Anyway, many thanks to Barry for his fantastic artwork and to Dave and Colin at Accent for letting me contribute. Cheers guys!

Also at the con, I counterbalanced my relatively sane and sober Alice in Sunderland review by fannishly bibbling about its brilliance to Bryan Talbot, who did a great little rat sketch in the copy of One Bad Rat I bought from him. Alice was the talk of the con, with a copy being passed around in worshipful awe at the pub we nipped to mid-afternoon.

Unfortunately the throng around Charlie Adlard and Sean Phillips meant I didn’t get to meet two of my favourite artists, but the Transformers panel at the end of the day did provide the cheering news that, not only is Simon Furman writing the new UK TF comic (set in the continuity of this year’s movie), but the ten page strips are being drawn by a collection of TF artists old and new, including my absolute favourite, Geoff Senior, on the first issue. Great news, as was Furman’s enthusiasm for the new film, which has been getting, ahem, mixed buzz due to the involvement of one Michael Bay Esq.

Anyway, a great day all round with the chance to catch up with some people I knew and meet some new folk too.

All that, and I even bought myself an Owly plush to take home.



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