"I’ll buy that at a high price"

Some short ones today…

PLUG!!! Any day now the Zombies anthology from Accent UK will be available to buy, containing a strip called ‘Nomads’, written by me with fantastic art by Barry Renshaw. I’m very proud of the story as my first published comics work – what more could I want than have my first one feature the undead? You can buy Zombies from the Accent UK website, or at the Bristol Comic International Expo next weekend. I’ll be there on the Saturday to shamelessly pimp the thing, so collar me if you see me.

Review! My Alice in Sunderland review is up at Shiny Shelf. It was such a good book that it ended up a hard one to do justice to in a simple text review. I’ll reiterate here – buy this book. Well, after you’ve bought Zombies, obviously.

Got any cash, stranger? Kotaku have the US pricing for Resident Wiivil 4, a mere $29.99, about fifteen quid in UK money. Hopefully this will translate as about twenty quid in our English poundage, and not the somewhat heftier price Play are taking pre-orders at. Still, last night’s Resi influenced episode of Doctor Who has left me champing at the bit, so I suspect I’ll be there on the first day whatever.

That’s all for now, enjoy the bank holiday,



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