A Little Xmas #4

Thursday is a day of joy, when new comics come down in the chimney, and in the case of Justice Society of America #5, should probably go straight back into the fire as kindling. I’m buying tomorrow’s issue because it’s part of a JLA crossover, but oh, I expect that Johns/Ross retro nonsense to burn my very flesh as I pick it off the shelf.

In other DC news, I’ll be picking up 52 #51, with the end in sight, and also the latest Blue Beetle, which judging by the sales figures may also find itself ending soon, albeit not intentionally. Still, BB remains one of DC’s more enjoyable titles, a hispanic Spidey with cosmic overtones. There’s also the final issue of the Connor Hawke mini-series, which I am not ashamed to say I enjoyed. Well, maybe a bit ashamed.

In genius scheduling DC also have both Superman and Action Comics coming out tomorrow – each of these is a true mystery, considering how screwed up these books are with sliding schedules and fill-ins. Who knows what could be between those covers? Whether Kurt Busiek is writing Superman this month or not, he has one title due out tomorrow: the latest issue of Astro City, from DC’s increasingly pointless Wildstorm imprint. Now there’s a good book, which can’t be unambiguously said for most of the above.

It’s a quiet week for Marvel books I actually buy, with only the ever reliable Daredevil and the much under-rated Wisdom coming out tomorrow. From other publishers there’s also the final issue of IDW’s prequel to the Transformers movie, a series that has done the impossible and made the forthcoming film seem vaguely appealing, and the latest issue of long-running conspiracy thriller Rex Mundi.

So, a reasonably big week, but with a lot of stuff that I’m only borderline keen on. At least the trek to the comic shop has one consolation – the chance to stop for lunch and give the Pirate a thrashing at Puzzle Quest. He thinks he has what it takes to be a hero, the fool, but he is but a knave compared to my gem-swapping warrior skills…



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