I Dream of Zombies

No, really, I do. Last night I dreamed that I sought refuge from the undead hordes, and was worried that the building I was running into was infested, but it turned out Gene Hunt was holed up there. Which was nice. When facing the undead, he’s the man you want watching your back.

An-y-way, it’s not surprising I have dreams like that considering my gaming interests. A couple of hands-on previews have recently emerged for both the major franchises and the results are, with some reservations, promising.

Eurogamer have taken a look at Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles, and it sounds pretty decent for an on-rails shooter, a genre I, and the Resi franchise, have never really gelled with. Sounds like a lot of first-person franchise, but as the Outbreak games demonstrated I’ll go through any old rubbish to see the RPD precinct or the streets of Racoon rendered beautifully with the latest tech, so I seem the perfect audience for this. The only reason I don’t have a Wii already is that I don’t spend enough time with the consoles I have already, but this should definitely tip the scales.

Another console I have yet to buy is the PSP, mainly due to the fairly woeful range of available games. Why buy a new, albeit portable, system to play titles that have either come from or will be going to the PS2? Anyway, if any title could sell me on the system, then prequel Silent Hill: Origins would be the one. Earlier screens and footage looked incredibly dodgy and characterless, but this preview by Game Informer seems to indicate a title that’s regaining a lot of the atmosphere of the previous games. If Climax can actually pull this off, then I’ll be there.

While we’re on the subject Games Radar has a tiny bit of further info on Silent Hill 5. The news that the new title will be similar to Silent Hill 2, one of my favourite games of all time, is joyous news to cling to in the depths of the night. Shame that, as with Resi 5, we’re nowhere near a release date being set so far…



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