A (Very) Little Xmas #3

Super-short one this week, as after last week’s absence I don’t have a solicitation list to hand, and am relying on half remembered posts from other blogs. Suffice to say that there are at least two Marvel books I’m looking forward to getting tomorrow: Wisdom and Moon Knight.

Wisdom is Paul Cornell’s debut Marvel series, and deserves better than the low sales it has received. A witty hybrid of superheroics with Hellblazer, this has been a consistently inventive and entertaining series, which joins the Guggenheim/Chaykin Blade and Paul Dini’s Detective Comics in the slow revival of the art of making each issue a self-contained story.

As for Moon Knight, Charlie Huston’s writes the character at a feverishly hard boiled pitch, which is fine by me. It’s demented, and takes itself so seriously it borders on high camp, but I like it.

In other news – the date is set for when I need to acquire a Wii. I don’t believe I’m going to sacrifice further hours of my life to this bloody game…



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