Mark by name, ‘easy mark’ by nature.

Verily, did Capcom see me (and other obsessive ‘Resident Evil’ fans) coming a mile-off. And they looked upon us, gullible as we are, and said ‘see them, they’ve played ‘Resident Evil 4′ on both Gamecube and PS2. I bet they’ll get it for Wii as well if we release it’.

And so it came to pass: you can read the story on Eurogamer, with further details on Evil Unleashed (complete with droolworthy links to the article in Famitsu).

Not only am I such a sucker I’ll be chucking time and money at this (and, considering I don’t have a Wii yet, buying a new console for the privilege), but I’m actually looking forward to it.

Let’s not get me started Wii-exclusive ‘Umbrella Corps Chronicles’, which Famitsu shows as having scenes from all previous ‘Resi’ games, including my beloved ‘Resident Evil: Nemesis’.

Of course, all this relies on me finding a Wii to buy. Clambering over the mountains of unsold PS3s in London’s flagship Virgin Megastore – Sony’s ‘media partner’ in the PS3 launch, no less – then crossing the desolate emptiness around said PS3 pile, only to find a small huddle around the Nintendo section looking through DS games, I managed to crane over someone’s shoulder and see a ‘sold out’ sign for Wii. Hopefully popularity will abate briefly later in the year, allowing me to buy one of the damn things.

Exciting times ahead, zombie slaughtering fans!


P.S. Feed users will have noticed a rather blunter version of these sentiments at the end of my first attempt at posting this. Vulgar I know… but it was true nonetheless. Nine, I tell you, nine…


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