A Little Xmas #1*

Because so many other people on the internet are doing it already, and I’m always keen to jump on a bandwagon at the moment it rolls off a cliff, a quick look at what’s out in comics shop tomorrow (UK time, folks) and what may be worth getting.

For a start on the DC side of the house there’s 52, which I’m too far into to stop with in spite of its longeurs, and the second issue of The Brave and the Bold revival which is harmless retro fun, but will need to pick up a bit to remain a keeper. Although he’s no Paul Dini, Stuart Moore’s fill-in on Detective Comics has been very solid and so I’ll stick with the second half. Edging out of the DCU into Vertigo titles, Andy Diggle starts his rein of terror as regular Hellblazer writer. Hopefully those fears will prove be caused by a scary good book rather than a scarily bad one, but having read the first issue of his Lady Constantine mini a few years back I don’t hold out much hope.

Over at Marvel, there’s Ultimate Power #4, and God knows why I’m even considering reading that – the series has been fairly turgid so far, and I only got it in the first place because I automatically get Squadron Supreme spin-off books in my pull-box. Time to throw it back like the poor catch it is – I liked Supreme Power at Max a lot, but of late JMS’ project is now getting both diluted and, paradoxically, stale. Other Marvel titles of interest are another sample of Cornell‘s Wisdom, which has been a lot of fun so far and is already shipping better now Hairsine is off the book, and the latest installment of Mike Carey’s X-Men, my mutant choice of the moment and far more interesting than Astonishing.

Finally, there’s the second issue of IDW’s prequel to the new Transformers movie. The first issue gave me hope for Michael Bay’s movie, here’s hoping for the second issue the creative team do something easier – like, say, raising the dead.

And that’s this week’s lot. If anyone is reading this blog and Shiny Shelf, and would like to see me review any of these properly, please drop a comment below.

Bye for now,


* Ages ago, I described the anticipation for the weekly comics delivery as being like ‘a little christmas every week’. Although it rises and fades depending on general enthusiasm levels and what’s coming out, it’s still the highlight of any boring work week, and when something really good is due… well, that’s when the Christmas Eve feeling really kicks in.


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