I haven’t bought a Wii yet, not because the console doesn’t look good – I’ve played ‘Wario Ware’ and ‘Wii Sports’ over at the Camden Leisure Pirate‘s place, and it’s a great system – but because I don’t play on the consoles and games I already have enough to justify buying another one at this stage.

However, the temptations really are piling up. As is fairly obvious, I love Capcom. ‘Resident Evil’, ‘Dead Rising’, and even the odd game that doesn’t involve the massacring of undead hordes. I’m also quite a fan of the odd puzzle game, from ‘Tetris’ to the more recent likes of ‘Zoo Keeper’.

Being actually human, I also like pirates (and not just friendly ones who live in Camden). Arrrr.

Well, Capcom have today announced ‘Project Treasure Island Z’, a game which combines both puzzles and pirates. That’s puzzle gaming, with a pirate theme. Just think about it for a while… the joys of solving puzzles, with a piratical theme. Arrrrr.

I am intrigued.



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