The Phantom Rider says…

Howdy there stranger. It’s dark out there in the wild west of Devon, so park up your horse in the disabled bay, and come sit here by the fire.

Ignore the white hood. I ain’t that sort of guy. No, really. Those are some other fellas.

Anyway, here’s a story, a story which will chill your very blood. It’s about my successor, Johnny Blaze, and how he got to be a big star. It’s also about some no good critters Nicolas Cage and Mark Steven Johnson, and how they made ol’ Johnny’s big movie break into a whole heap of horse shit.

Anyway, here’s Madame Smitty the biggest whore in the west, she runs Madame Smitty’s House o’ Shame up intown. She’s a big, fine lady, so I’ll let her tell you exactly how it is.

Seeya ‘all,

The Phantom Rider

(Phantom Rider character and pic (c) Marvel Comics)


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