For the truly bored…

If you’re reading this blog, you clearly have time on your hands. So here’s what I did on my holidays.

One small anecdote springs to mind: the rail station for the Montserrat cable car is about an hour’s train ride from the centre of Barcelona. After a day walking around a mountain, your average tourist/pilgrim will want a quiet train journey back to the city. Trains are a couple of times an hour, if I recall correctly, so people get down from the mountain on the cable car in good time to gather on the platform for the train back.

Anyway, we descended around 4ish to catch a late afternoon train, and the entire platform was rammed with about 50 kids in a school party, a frothing mass of pubescent carnage. Around the edge of this screeching cloud of youths hung a handful of adults, including us, no doubt all relishing ramming into a packed train with this lot.

When the train pulled in from the opposite direction, going away from Barcelona, we did not hold out much hope. Surely these were kids from the big city?

Thankfully not. I have never seen such collective relief as I saw on the faces of the dozen or so adults on that platform as the screaming mass of kids poured on to the train, the commuters snapping awake as the throng descended. There was a shared connection between all of us at that moment. Against all odds, they were going away!

Five minutes later, the Barcelona train pulled in and we had a nice quiet journey back to the city.



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