Snow Not much blogging at the moment as winter has taken its grip (although, as the snow in London this morning barely lasted until noon, not that tight a grip), and in between the storms and snow I’ve been busy running around: from London to the North, then back to London for a couple of days, and off to Devon tomorrow for the weekend.

Meanwhile, in a follow up to an earlier post, the attempts by ‘Doctor Who’ fans to get ‘Love Don’t Roam’ into the Top 40 have failed, and indeed met with notably less success than Chris Moyles similar scheme with Billie’s ‘Honey to the Bee’. While it would have been nice to see Neil Hannon and Murray Gold dominating the charts like fey collosi, in some ways it’s reassuring that fans don’t have that much influence over reality. After all, what would follow a ‘Who’ fan takeover of the charts? Government? The world?

A world structured around fandom would be a dystopian feudal throwback with citizens prostrating themselves before the whims of their egocentric masters in the hope of favour, luckless serfs clinging to the edges of rival factions. Sycophancy would be the currency of the realm, and tongues would be removed from anyone heard to utter the dread words ‘talent’ or ‘ability’. And, dear god, can you imagine the corruption scandals that would ensue, presuming some kind of rule of law was even allowed by the lords of this brave new world?

Better, then, that ‘Who’ fans can’t even swing the pop charts in their favour, let alone sweep their own government into power.


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