This is what Gallup were afraid of.

A campaign has burst out in ‘Doctor Who’ fandom to get Neil Hannon and Murray Gold’s ‘Love Don’t Roam’, from the series’ soundtrack album and Christmas special ‘The Runaway Bride’, into the charts now that downloads are eligible. One can only suspect that this is the nightmare scenario the people who run the charts have been trying to avoid for the last couple of years.

The campaign has spread across the blogs of Paul Cornell and Mags L Halliday, and now I’m joining in. It’s a fun idea.

The track is only 79p, so it’s well worth joining in and finding out whether the collective influence of ‘Doctor Who’ fans is ‘negligible’ or, as I suspect, ‘non-existent’. Have the charts become such a minor thing that an organised minority can hijack it for their own purposes? On Sunday, we’ll find out.

Meanwhile, fellow ‘Who’ author Mark Michalowski has a new blog, and is struggling with the concept of the paragraph break.



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