Repeat Risings

I’m enjoying ‘Dead Rising’. I’m enjoying it a lot. OK, I may have backed away from the game a little at the daunting challenge of the underground bomb disposal mission… but I know I’ll get back to it, and battle through those last few hours before the chopper arrives.

So, I’m delighted that Capcom has decided that, thanks to its success on 360, ‘Dead Rising’ is a new franchise destined to be revisited for years to come.

With any other software company, the promise of a franchise being extended into some distant future would be a matter for groans of tedium – the threat of diluted shadows of a great original staggering on until the last coin is squeezed out of bitter fanboy pockets.

But this is Capcom, kids, and they deal with things differently, as evidenced by the way they’ve approached ‘Resident Evil’ – canning versions of 2, 4 and apparently 5 they considered unworthy and going back to the drawing board, creating new franchises when a potential Resi side project seems better suited to following a creative path (‘Devil May Cry’). In Capcom we trust, because they’re willing to develop a game series with attention to the values of the series, experimenting around the edges and putting in the energy to grow a series with every game.

So, as for future ‘Dead Rising’ installments, a big big yay. Yay!



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