An old university friend runs the Echoes night at the Bullet Bar in Kentish Town. It’s an eclectic showcase for new acts, first Friday of every month, and I went along last night. Most impressive act of all were Some Velvet Morning, who have the aura of great things about them. I took some terrible photos, which can be found on my Flickr account.

While SVM were the highlight of the night, all the acts were worth seeing. I’m constantly surprised by how professional young bands are these days, actually hitting the right notes and stuff. A far stretch from the stumbling useless newbies I used to see at small gigs in my youth.

I’ve also been listening to Lucky Soul today, discovered via the magic of the internet. In spite of being touted by at least one blog as a superior alternative to my beloved Pipettes (hmph!), they have merits of their own. Their first two singles can be found in the iTunes music store, and are highly recommended.



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