Trapped in the Land of Fiction

I got ‘Animal Crossing: Wild World’ for Nintendo DS for Christmas. It’s a wonderful game, but its potential to drain your time is horrendous. This afternoon, the last day of my Christmas/New Year leave, I found myself stuck at home, having agreed to be in my virtual home at a specific time so that I could show a virtual horse-person the decor.

On the plus side, this is a game with a wider appeal than many with gameplay based on simple, positive tasks and with comprehensible objectives. Rather too comprehensible, in fact – you can spend many hours of the day slaving away picking cherries and beach combing just to pay off a massive mortgage from town shop owner/loan shark Tom Nook. The Camden Leisure Pirate had some choice words on Nook’s monopolistic regime a while back, and I can only agree.

Still, there’s something addictive about expanding your home, clearing your debts, and receiving the praise of the community. On the other hand, that means my virtual self is somehow further ahead in life than I am in the real world, the little bastard.



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