Regression therapy.

Man’s grip on maturity is weak at the best of times, but sometimes a bit of news will come along with exactly the right combination of excitement and nostalgia to regress you to a blubbering infant.

‘Fighting Fantasy’ books adapted to the Nintendo DS? Oh sweet justice, how you have smiled on your unworthy son at this time.

The thought of using the stylus to flick through a semi-animated version of ‘The Warlock of Firetop Mountain’, ‘Crypt of the Necromancer’ or, god help us, Steve Jackson’s multi-volume ‘Sorcery’ doesn’t so much push my buttons as smash them to pieces with an almighty hammer. Yikes!

In other news… why not buy your loved ones the gift of not being zombified this Christmas? The joy of not being turned into a biological weapon by the Umbrella Corporation’s frankly ill-advised T-virus will bring happiness to all the family.



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