Nepotism and pals

In between a busy work period and a nasty 24 hour unidentified virus thing (high temperature, aching limbs, inability to move, all that kind of fun stuff), haven’t had much opportunity to post lately. Still dealing with the former while recovering the latter, so in lieu of any really coherent update, here’s some things people I know have been up to:

  • Over at Shiny Shelf we’re doing an online advent calendar of sorts, with festive mini-reviews every day from now until Christmas Eve. Aside from scum such as myself we’ve got a good bunch of writers doing these, and it’s proving to be fun.
  • An old school friend has set up this here website. Perfect for the kind of egocentric personality who furnishes their home with Warholian duplicated images of themselves. Actually, that sounds quite a good idea…
  • Finally, fellow Shiny Shelfer Eddie Robson has written his very own ‘Doctor Who’ audio play, ‘Memory Lane’. I’ve heard the first episode, and it’s pretty good. Young Robson’s scripting ‘skillz’ can also be heard on BBC7’s run of ‘Doctor Who’ plays starting over the Christmas holiday.

That’s all for now.



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