How’s your Russian?

My article ‘Out of Control’ is now available in Russian from mobile gaming site MGDC. Anyone wishing to practice their language skills should go here:

‘Out of Control’ (Russian)

Meanwhile, I’ve actually managed to play a game for once, in between writing about them. I got ‘Dead Rising’ on UK release a couple of months back, but after some long droughts have now got back into it. Capcom really shouldn’t have anywhere to go with the zombie game after their numerous ‘Resident Evil’ titles, but with ‘Dead Rising’ they’ve managed something new: a cartoony black comedy with the setting of ‘Dawn of the Dead’, played out as a ‘GTA’ style free-roaming action game, albeit with an underlying mission structure. ‘Dead Rising’ is a game full of choices – whether to follow a mission path or just wander about, whether to save lives or build a huge kill count. All options are fun, and lead to further little discoveries and selections, between weapon classes and costumes. There’s an RPG style levelling up system, and lots of nifty jokes.

Most of all, it’s fun – the game give you the freedom to go mental with a chainsaw or katana in the middle of a vast throng of the undead, knowing that all you need is a good gulp of OJ to get you back to full health. It’s zero consequences, violent fun at its best. We love you, Capcom.



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