The grip of insomniac excitement

After a few days of being out and about doing exciting things, and the uncomfortable jolt of then coming home to work and domestic tasks, I finally got around to finishing my latest article for, which will no doubt go online in the next week or so.

I feel like I’m really getting into the swing of these now, breaking down the articles into super-short paras with the odd caption to pace it even further. I’ve been writing for the web for five years as of the end of this year (five years of Shiny Shelf – scary stuff!), and I’ve learned a lot in that time about making text digestible for reading on-screen. However, these editorials have required a further level of discipline in terms of keeping things simple and clear while maintaining the necessary depth and conveying the complexities of an issue.

Having knocked that one and the head and sent it off past midnight, I should really have done the sensible thing and gone straight to sleep. Instead, I’ve booked a few tickets, including ‘Casino Royale’ on the weekend of release and the Pipettes Christmas Party at Camden’s Roundhouse. Unfortunately, the excitement of having all this to look forward to has woken me up a bit. I suspect the thrills will have long worn off when I wake up tomorrow morning…


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