Dual wielding

I have a new games-related editorial online today, not only on Gamesindustry.biz but also its sister site, Mobileindustry.biz. You can go directly to the editorial from either of these links:

‘Out of Control’ on Gamesindustry.biz

‘Out of Control’ on Mobileindustry.biz

Mobile gaming is an interesting area, as the article suggests it has great potential but the games have to fit the handsets (or vice versa). I’m enjoying writing these editorials, combining industry analysis with my own interests, keeping the pieces both professional and entertaining.

For completists, the previous four Gamesindustry.biz editorials are here:

‘Brand Values’ The challenges facing PlayStation 3.

‘Local Heroes’ More globally diverse gaming.

‘A Vicious Cycle’ The disadvantages of regular sequels.

‘Worlds Without End’ Is episodic content the way forward?


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